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When to visit the Peru

It is the question that we receive from our clients with more frequency, the good news it is that you can visit the Peru any time of the year, two key points have to take in consideration.

The climate

The seasons in the Peru depend directly on the geographical region. In the whole coast it is summer from December to March, with a sunny climate with temperatures from 30 °C, very pleasant, from April to November it doesn't rain but the climate is cloudy with temperatures of 18°C average, this is not a problem to make a tour.

In the Andes, the months from December to March it is rainy season but it is possible for tourist visits. From March to November are good time to visit the Andes, the climate is dry and sunny ideal for walks and escalades in all the routes and circuits.

In summary, the best date to visit the Peru is from March to November, however that you make it in low season that is from December to February the prices are lower, bigger readiness, less people in the important places.

If you have more questions when to visit Peru, single write us and we will be pleasant of answering all your questions.

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