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The mysteries of the desert

Quenual Adventures City situated in the coastal desert of the Peru, Nazca is an important step between Lima and Arequipa.

The Nazca lines

Nazca is known worldwide for its enigmatic geoglyphs, which are the main tourist attraction of this city, are a set of figures that represent mainly animals (monkey, hummingbird, condor, spider, etc.) made of straight lines, broken lines, traps that reach 100 meters, while the straight lines can reach 10 km.

It is believed that the role of these geoglyphs was ritual, but does not know exactly the meaning of each of them, the lack of rain in this desert allow the preservation of these.

From a tower of metal of 15 meters of height used as lookout you can see two figures (the tree and the hand), but of course from the air with a flight from aerodrome of Nazca rowset is observed for half an hour at an approximate cost of $100.

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