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The door of the Amazon

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It is a small village located near the border with Brazil in the Amazon plain, the best way to get is by flight from Cuzco or Lima, the village does not offer great interest but is the starting point for a stay in the Amazon jungle. Another option to visit the Amazon jungle in the Peru is the city of Iquitos, located to the North of the country. The advantage of Puerto Maldonado to Iquitos is being relatively close to Cuzco, which allows integrating the life in the Amazon without having to pass through Lima. It is essentially for savings time and money.

What to do in Puerto Maldonado?

Several lodges are located less than 1 hour by boat from Puerto Maldonado and all options include accommodation, meals and excursions in the jungle, we recommend and take 4d / 3n programs; It is especially gratifying to found within the forest, relax away from the noise and stress of civilization appreciating the varied flora and fauna that offers Amazon, animals that are observed are: alligators, turtles, otters, variety of monkeys and a large number of birds among many others. The programs are diverse and include walks into the jungle, boat, visits of lakes, and also Amazonian communities.

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